You Tube, Blog Posts, and Other Tools That Enhance Ranking in the Search Engines

Fiji Islands are some of the most popular islands across the globe. They attract a large number of guests annually hence, growth of hotel and resort business. With advanced technologies, almost everything happens at the click of a button. Clients are utilizing websites to learn of the kind of services that businessmen offer. This means that there is tight competition and each business has to stay on top of the game by ensuring quality traffic. Getting the right and quality traffic however is not a simple task yet a very important step that should never be ignored.

There are a lot of things that one can do to increase search engine ranking. Video marketing is one of the most popular ways to ensuring maximum exposure of the kind of products and services you provide. It is wise to design promotional videos to generate more traffic hence, enhanced search engine ranking. When it comes to video marketing, the clip itself must be of high quality. The graphics must be clear in order to capture the attention of target prospects. As a matter of fact, if a clip has quality contents, viewers will be interested to watch and they will even recommend it to friends and family.

Promotional videos can be used on YouTube. The video should however contain informative contents about a business’s website. In this relevance, the right titles must be used on the video. A video that has an interesting title captures the attention of target prospects. Use words like ‘’Exclusive’’ and viewers will be tempted to watch the video. It is also essential to use the right keywords on the video. Remember, when a visitors browses through the search engine, he or she enters particular keywords. This will lead to particular websites. Therefore, consider the best keywords to generate more traffic to the website for increased profitability.

Thumbnails, descriptions, friends on YouTube and subscribers are also great when it comes to enhancing ranking in search engines. Use the right descriptions about the video and in a captivating way so as to prompt target prospects to know what you offer. Invite friends on YouTube and subscribers and tell them what the business is all about. Ensure that they love what they are hearing because if the description is boring, it is also more likely that the content in a website is boring. On the other hand, if they love what they hear, it is more likely that they will be interested in the website hence, increased traffic.

It is very important to create a positive image about yourself in Fiji islands. Many people love to blog today and blogs are a great way to market yourself in a way that creates first and lasting impression in the eyes of target prospects. Promote yourself and the business website paying attention to the needs of target prospects as well as your business niche. Create an interesting blog and utilize it to ensure that it taps the right clients. Once target prospects love the blog, it becomes easier to enhance your ranking in search engines.

At, we understand what it takes to create a quality functional website. Visit us for all your needs.

Where to get the best Backup solutions for your web hosting needs in Fiji

Though being a small country in South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is an island with booming technology. Many people rely on the Internet for information regarding services offered by various companies. As such, various companies, businesses and institutions are having websites which they use to disseminate their  their information to clients and customers. However, majority of these institutions do not know the risk their information is exposed to.

For instance, have you ever wondered what would happen to your data if your website crashed? Worse even is if you do not have a back up, don’t you think it will be a great set back?  This would affect not only you but visitors of your website as well. It is apparent that nobody wants such a thing to happen to their website. However, it happens to many websites and can happen any day, even when you expect your site to have many visitors than before.  As such, it is important to be prepared so that in case it happens you will be able to handle it in a professional manner. This will ensure that you do not cause much inconveniences to visitors of your site. To achieve this, you need to back up everything that goes on in your website. This makes backup solutions for web hosting very important.

Bulawebs provides you the best backup solutions in Fiji. Their mission of providing web hosting backup solutions in Fiji is to ensure that clients never lose their data. If you are looking for the best backup solutions for your web hosting needs in Fiji, it is advisable to consider services of Bulawebs. This service provider uses c Panel for web hosting. This implies that when you get their services in web hosting, your data will reside on the server where it belonged. This is not usually the case with other web hosting services. As such, you do not have to wait for an application o your desktop to get back your pages, databases and images then downloading them through a slow method.

At BulaWebs, users with cPanel data backup do not have to remember to always run their program. It runs on its own on a schedule that has been predetermined. Basically, you are the one to determine this schedule on the basis of your needs. You will get a back up for all of your data at the host server. This means you will have nothing to worry more about. You will have peace of mind knowing that even if someone hack  your system or the server go down, you can get all your data back. You will also have nothing to worry about if your files are corrupted. BulaWebs will provide you the best protection in case of emergency.

There is a lot of Internet theft going on in Fuji. Some people may even steal your domain. Others may just hack your system with malicious intentions. This is why you need to have a backup for your website. It does not matter whether you run a small, medium or large company, back services are very important.

Website development In Fiji, how local resorts have also not been left behind

Fiji has been known to host some of best resorts in the world. The country has so far experienced a rapid increase in internet use. Many businesses are nowadays relying on the opportunities and market provided by the web. Though there are certain sectors of Fiji’s economy that have embraced the internet faster than others, it quite evident that everyone is trying to use this global tool to achieve a huge client base and attain profits. This has called for website development, as it is only through a website that businesses can gain from the web. It is quite certain that even the local resorts in Fiji have not been left behind as far as website development is concerned.

The question remains how and why have these local resorts not been left behind? There are a number of reasons. First and foremost most of the people looking for resorts where they can stay and lounge have found different search engines very ideal. By simply specifying a certain search criteria they are able to find the most suitable resorts for them in terms of comfort and cost. For this reason most of the local resorts have turned to website development companies for help on how to build websites. It is in these websites that they are thereafter able to advertise the services they offer and this has had very positive results.

Nowadays the staff at the local resorts in Fiji finds it very easy and convenient filling in basic information about the guests due to the presence of websites. Long time ago everything had to be done manually but with the advent of the internet hotels and resorts are now able to capture the details of their guests in a very fast and effective manner. This has in turn saved a lot of man hours that would have been spent manually filling in each and every detail of all the guests.

It is now possible to achieve better collaboration between the top management of local resorts and the customers thanks to the rapid development of websites. Unlike before where managers were only able to communicate with both prospective and regular customers through the phone or mail, it is now a matter of simply logging in to a website and posting your message. The recipients of these messages are able to read and reply them at the most convenient time. Many websites have also been developed with content management systems that have helped in posting of messages in different languages.

Website development in Fiji has also contributed a lot in ensuring that local resorts are able to advertise their hospitality to a large group of audience something that would not have been the same had they not had websites. This has been seen as one of the best ways of creating an everlasting relationship between the resorts and their customers. It is in these websites that local resorts find the best avenue for advertising and marketing their services not only within but out of the country.

Things you should know about Website development, why it is so beneficial

Website is the ultra modern and efficient way of selling id3eas, products and even services. With the current boom in the Information Technology in Fiji Island it would be convenient for one who is aiming at success in their businesses to acquire a website of their own. Apart from just trying to stay on course with the rest of the world in terms of technology, website development has so many benefits attached to it both to the developer and also the intended clients.

Foremost for you to have a website, you need to have the product or the service that you need to promote or sell. In the development of the website, you will be required to first research and find out from those who have used the product, all the details concerning your product is that you are able to give conclusive evidence on why you think people should be able to buy that product. Remember a website is supposed to provide all the information that is required by any client and even try to answer some of the common questions that most clients will have concerning the product so you have to ensure that they get all that in that specific site since you need to make their work easy, efficient and also quick.

You also need to keep updating the website on a daily routine because people like fresh ideas. Keep your clients posted on new developments of your product, maybe new prices, discounts, offers and so much more which is new. Ensure that all these are put in the simplest way which your perceived clients can understand without much strain. You also need to ensure that the website developer is one which can ensure the security of your website against hacking and other cyber crimes.

Benefits of Website Development

  1. Cheap and Convenient

With the significant boom on the Fiji Island IT sector, the costs of website development are still affordable and this is indeed the ideal time for one to take up the opportunity. Apart from just the costs, a website is able to handle large amounts of information and relay them in the simplest manner in which one can understand within the shortest time and also at their comfort. Since even mobile phones today have internet access, one is able to go through the website and find the needed information at any time they want.

  1. Reaches a wider population

The aim of every marketer is to exhaustively reach the target audience. A website is able to be viewed by millions of people at the same time and this ensures that the marketing efforts are stretched across a wide population of people bearing in mind the fact that the more people you reach, the higher the sales you are bound to make.

  1. Easy customization

A website gives you the freedom as a marketer or entrepreneur to be able to control whatever you give to your clients. This will ensure that you design the information or the product in the best manner. You are also able to correct any misinformation in time and also post updates easily.

The Development of Website in Fiji, How Small Motels and Beach Resorts are Attracting More Guests

Fiji is one of the best places to go for holiday on the Southern Pacific Ocean. It is a popular tourist destination for people from different parts of the world and this is clearly evidenced by the romantic getaways, family tours and other tour packages offered by the tourism industry. Finding accommodation is Fiji is not as difficult as it used to be in the past and this is thanks to the IT industry which has taken a leap to make website development a major component of small motels and beach resorts. With the increasing number of motels and beach resorts, development of websites has become a prerequisite and there are several ways through which this important tool is used.

Considering the large number of beach resorts and small motel, the rate of competition is high and it is for this reason that development of website is considered important. With the aid of websites, these groups are able to market themselves and it is for this reason that it is deemed important to look at some of the ways through which this is achieved. For starters, Fiji has numerous attractions and tourists don’t have any clear ideas on where and how to find these. Through website development, beach resorts and small motels are able to highlight some of the offers for they have for tourists and in the long run, this makes it easy for tourists to determine the type of accommodation to select.

By highlighting what they have on offer, tourists are able to determine if or not they need your services. A website that is well developed and laid out makes it easy for tourists to understand what they can expect from you. Websites are interactive and if they are designed in a user friendly manner, tourists are able to associate with you on a one on one basis and in the end this makes it easy to believe in their decision to stay in your motel or beach resort. Through websites, clients who have stayed in a certain motel or beach resort can also post comments about their experience and if this is positive, it serves to increase the turnout of people who seek accommodation there.

Through development of websites in Fiji, it also becomes easier for clients to get in touch with you incase of any queries. Providing a platform where they can any concerns is one sure way of provision that you care about your customers and as such, this serves to increase their confidence in the services offered. In order to run any successful business, it is imperative to establish some form of credibility and this is exactly what is offered by website development in Fiji.

Whenever people see the website by the motel or beach resort, they are assured that it is authentic and as such, are at peace making their reservations. This is because websites make it easy to believe that the business is not a fraud. Considering all the attractions Fiji has to offer, it would only be appropriate for small motels and beach resorts to capitalize on development of website to attract tourists.

Search Engine optimization in Fiji with Bulawebs

The need to increase one’s site ranking is imperative for all those site and blog holders who want to boost the visibility of their sites content. Technological developments have led to a change in the way that people do business, advertise and even market their products. With a better site ranking, it then becomes easier for all the bloggers to view your products and hence more traffic. Boosting site traffic is essential and has helped numerous businesses, organizations and multinationals market or even layout their strategy.

Bulawebs is arguably the leading web hosting services provider in Fiji with a an eye on customer desires and needs. We are committed to ensuring that our clients get high quality work and are satisfied. At we are dedicated to professionalism and offering clients customized solutions to their needs. We use the latest, best and approved softwares and hardware components to ensure that our clients get hassle free services and servers. With immense experience in the field of web designing and developing, we have assisted customers in Fiji in establishing and nurturing their businesses on the web both in an effective and interactive way.

Increasing your ranking on the search engine

At Bulawebs, we have highly trained personnel who will not only make you a high quality website but will also go the extra mile to make sure that your site remains competitive, visible and highly ranked on the web. We are experts in boosting the web traffic on your blog through SEO services and internet marketing. Many clients come to use with the queries on how they ca n boost the traffic on their sites regularly. Essentially most of them do not understand the term-SEO and all that it involves. As your Search Engine optimizer, Bulawebs is committed to improving the visibility of your site when a user searches for the same on the internet. We understand the benefits that accrue with having a highly ranked site and are committed to making sure that our clients get just that. As your favorite SEO service provider, we make sure to carefully study and analyze the workings of the different search engines, what most people search on and the vital keywords that they type as they search. With such information on the palm of our hands, we are then able to lay a plan and decide hoe to increase/ boost traffic on your site.

For those who want to increase their sites ranking, there are two ways that Bulawebs recommends to their clients:

n  Hire a SEO-This is a good investment plan to boosting your sites reputation and hence traffic. The appropriate time to hire such a provider is when redesigning your site or launching a new website. Here we will apply a holistic approach to make your site popular not only in the short term but also in the long run.

n  Online advertising- This is where the company to offer the hosting services is by an advertising company when their ads are clicked. This method is also known as Pay Per Click(PPC) is a more analytical and a risky method to boost site ranking.

For professional site ranking and search engine optimization services, at offers affordable and user friendly solutions to all your traffic boosting needs. This way, we promote your business online effectively.

Reaching your clients Online

The world of Business has become more competitive. With the advent of Information Technology long gone are the days when the public had to rely on the classifieds in the newspapers, we at  Bulawebs have not been left behind. Taking the  battle for clients to online world we at Bulawebs will design your website to attract web traffic to your business as follows.

Foremost you need to remember that an individual who goes to a business website is possibly a busy individual,as such our websites come with online forms that quickly get you the subscriptions you need and a form editor that lets you create feedback;complex websites tend to take time to understand and even more  time to get familiar with. Time that your client does not have,. we keep it simple to attract greater web traffic to your business website.

Secondly as part of product promotion Bulawebs constructed websites come with built in features that facilitate e-payments. In this way you are able to create your own e-shop and thus save your client from the hassle of physically getting to your premise. We also put up email marketing tools    that collect email addresses and send out promotional material to targeted consumers.

Thirdly Bulawebs ensure that the  aesthetics of the  particular website appeal to the human mind. Our elegant designs are in their league of their own. Bulawebs aesthetics are professionally designed and their sophistication is intended to appeal to the savvy consumer without offending them

Fourthly, Bulawebs keeps in mind that your website is ranked in search engines with other competing entities. To get ahead of your pack of competitors we make sure that you understand the key words that clients in a particular industry look for. This entails a knowledge of the industry, a knowledge of jargon used in a  particular profession , or the hiring of a professional writing agency to use words artfully. Bulawebs by virtue of being a long term player in the Information Technology world in Fiji, Islands knows how to go about all this to make your website search engine friendly.

Fifthly remember that  in the world of Business time is of the essence, consequently you want to capture the attention of your prospective client pronto. To do this you have to get to the point upfront- no use of excess words but simply get to the point on what you as a business have to offer, nothing more , nothing less. We achieve this by stunning image galleries with a variety of cool animations. Bulawebs also creates an easy editing interface just for you that enables you keep apace with your clients. Bulawebs customized web sites will cost you only$ 1500. We also manage your content and for the first year  you get free website and domain hosting. We are the leading web design company in Fiji with an impressive list of clientel and you wont be disappointed with our service. To get in touch please contact us on

Is blogging Ideal in Resorts or in Hotels?

Blogging has grown from been viewed as a cool idea and it has become one of the most valued marketing tools. In essence, it is one of the communication tools growing at an extremely rapid pace. The tourism industry has not been left out of the exploration of this marketing tool and more specifically, Fiji tourism industry. Known as one of the top tourist destinations, Fiji has a lot of amazing attractions for tourists and it is little wonder that it is often seen as a favorite destination.  Fiji has numerous hotels and resorts and this aspect makes it easy for tourists to find accommodation.

Known to offer different types of accommodation, there have been questions on whether blogging should be used for resorts or hotels. Both options are geared towards the same purpose which is offering affordable and top class services. It is for this reason that it is considered important to use blogging in both instances and this is attributed to several factors. For starters, a blog plays the major role of increasing search visibility and increasing the number of followers. It is for this reason that it is considered ideal for anyone who is interested in succeeding.

Blogs are an important foundation for forming solid foundation for marketing campaigns. This is because it aids in collecting information and distributing the same to other networks. This is a powerful tool as far as social networking is concerned and more often than people don’t care about the popularity of the blogger. There will always be a group of people who share information about different aspects of a hotel or resort and in the long run this makes it easy for new clients to have trust in your establishment.  If hotels or resorts have more content, this means that the pages will increase and this also increases the probability of the search engines landing on the blog.

Fiji is quite extensive and there are several resorts and hotels competing for business. It is for this reason that each needs to capitalize on the use of blogging to increase the probability of attracting more clients. A large percentage of blog traffic comes from first time visitors and this provides the perfect opportunity for turning a new follower into a long term follower. For the purpose of getting the most out of blogging, it is advisable to give each page a personality and thus, treat it as the home page. What is more, the blog should also give visitors the opportunity to follow you.

Whether it is a resort or hotel, the first thing that is needed for blogging to deliver the desired results is an editorial calendar. This adds structure to the content and also makes it easy to establish a certain level of consistency with readers. The blog should also be divided into different sections and the topics for the hotel or resort selected carefully for the purpose of ensuring that readers understand what is on offer. One important aspect to keep in mind is that the Fiji tourist industry has a lot to offer and this keeps on changing, it is for this reason that the blog needs to be updated regularly for the purpose of ensuring that it is consistent and capable of delivering timely information.

Common Web Development Blunders and mistakes, be ware!

Website development is the new avenue that most people have taken to these days owing to their affordability and also convenience in terms of product promotions. It is picking up in Fiji Islands at the moment with the current breakthroughs and boom in the Island’s IT sector. Due to the boom and the dire need for websites by various people and businesses, it is undoubted fact that there is an upsurge of fake website developers and also other mistakes that people should be aware of before getting down to the task. Below are some of the common web development blunders and mistakes that you need to bear in mind:

  1. Domain theft

Domain or as they are referred to by many as domain names is that name which you as a person registers your business on the web. This as per the regulations is supposed to expire after a fixed time and in case the original person in whose name it was registered does not renew it, another person is capable of buying the domain name. This is a practice which a lot of Companies in Fiji Island do and mostly the website developers. They register the domain names on behalf of their clients and later sell them to other clients without the knowledge of their former clients. However it’s always better for the domain name to be renewed only by the website development company which registered it.

  1. Outsourcing

At the moment, Fiji’s IT sector is doing well in terms of providing the best solutions in terms of website development and so it would be cheaper and more convenient to just use their professionals other than looking for other partners or developers outside Fiji. Outsourcing in this aspect will not give room for independence, you should settle on a website developer who is next to you and who will ensure that you are able to manage your website independently without interference. Some will develop for you a website which is shared and this would not reach your target clients appropriately. Outsourcing would be very expensive in terms of time and money.

  1. Backup solutions

One should always be prepared for accidents and this includes instances when your site crashes. It may or may not be seen coming and that’s basically why you always need to beware and keep a back up of every event that you post on the site since it would be used as a replacement in case the site crashes. You need to be careful when choosing the best web hosting services because for your safety, it’s important that you bank on that one with reliable web hosting solutions. This will ensure that you are able to instantly restore your databases, images and all the website contents in time good enough to avoid disappointment to your clients.

  1. Splash page

This is like the introduction to the website. It is the homepage and just by the look of it, one will be able to find what they want. Always try to design the flash page in a simple manner in which one can easily grasp what the site is all about in the first few seconds. This does not mean that the site should be so plane and short of animations, but do not overdo it.

Can one find Companies that offer Web Development services in Fiji?

Fiji is an island country located in South Pacific Ocean. It has a booming Information technology industry. Many people starting businesses there are using the Internet to deliver messages to their clients regarding their products and services.

As such, web development services are very important in Fiji. There are many companies that offer these services to clients. However, getting a good and reliable company to offer you these services is very important. This is because a website is basically for advertising your company. A good and reliable company will deliver quality services that will advertise your company the best way you want. The company should enable visitors of your website get information that will keep them visiting your website and even share that information with their friends and relatives.

Bulawebs is one company that offers web development services in Fiji. This company provides professional services to clients in a very efficient manner. Their services are also very professional and are usually provided with the best interest of the client at heart. This company not only offers web development services to clients, but also backup services. When hiring web development services in Fuji, it is important to consider additional services that come along with them. Backup services are among the most important services that a web developer should offer to their clients. As such, BulaWebs web development services comes with backup solution.

Bulawebs use cPanel in providing web development services. This implies that all your data will reside at the server. Thus, you do not have to wait for many hours for desktop application to get your images, databases, pages and then download them using a slow method.

When developing your website, BulaWebs will not first bother whether people care about your website or not. This is because instead of caring about your website, many people care about solving their problems. This is basically the problem they have at hand that very moment. Therefore, while developing your website, this company will be interested in the problem that the visitor will be having while visiting your website. As such, Bulawebs web development services in Fiji are offered with the core aim of ensuring that visitors figure out what your website is all about within four seconds.

These services are also delivered with the contrast of the text used in mind. This is because if a visitor is unable to read the text of your website, then they will leave immediately. No visitor will waste their time trying to decipher what you have written. This company also provides services knowing that splash page is very important. It is typically the introductory page of your website. Therefore, it should contain the most attractive and catchy information about your company. It should also allow visitors to enter with ease to your site.

Finding a company that offer web development services in Fiji is easy. This is because Bulawebs have all that you need to make your competitors feel your presence on the Internet.