About Bulawebs

The company that provides web solutions across the Fiji islands

What we do…

BulaWebs provides a wide range of web solutions across Fiji Islands and the globe in a very professional and effective manner. The company is dedicated to provide professional and comprehensive business solutions as well as services in Corporate Identity, Website Designing & Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Mobile Applications Development.

BulaWebs is administered by experts, who have sound understanding in the web and technologies field. The perfect quality of the website developers described in a few assets like entrepreneurial spirit, value of customer which are few and enables them to handle rapid changes in the environment and technologies.

BulaWebs is a leader in Information Technology dedicated to helping its clients worldwide to develop and transform their organizations at every step of the value chain.

High Quality

Prompt Services

Affordable Pricing

Customized services

Behind Bulawebs

We understand the needs and corporate requirements of each particular company that comes to us to create a website. Making advances we present the customization services as a part of routine on the way to your unique and personalized website. We host the user websites on the most secure servers alongside with the other administrative software being used.

All of the issues or queries are handled and resolved by our qualified Support Team in a short period of time. We work on the upgrades and additional modules all the time. Among the recently released there are Pay Pal facilities, shopping cart, Blogs, MP3 player, photo gallery, Security Firewalls, Facebook & Twitter APIs etc.

Our Story

The company was founded in 2008 by Steven Chand. Since then, Bulawebs has grown from a small freelance Web Solutions company to a web solutions market leader in Fiji Islands having over 100 clients under management and counting. The idea was simply to provide all possible tools and services needed for a website.

The four years of hard work and bright ideas have been implemented in a genuine and unique project – Bulawebs. We do not stop on what has already been achieved.