What will happen to your data if your site crashed? What happens if you haven’t saved any of it and you don’t have any back up? That could mean a lot of loss for you and a major disappointment for your site’s visitors and your customers. Nobody expects it to happen but you should always be prepared for it. It could happen any day. The point is that you should back up every event that goes in your site. And, that is why backup Solutions for webhosting are a very important aspect.
What does having an account on BulaWebs provide you? We provide you with the best backup solutions for web hosting services so that you may never have to lose your data. We at BulaWebs use cPanel for web hosting and that means unlike all other backup solutions all your data while reside on your server where it belonged. So, you will not have to wait for hours for a desktop application that will get back all your images, pages, databases and then downloading them through a very slow method like FTP. The best part is that users who use CP data backup will never have to ‘remember’ to run their program. It will run on its own on a predetermined schedule that will be determined by you depending on your needs. All your data will be backed up at the host server and you will never have to worry again. You will have a peace of mind if your site gets hacked, server goes down, and all your files get corrupted and so on. You are protected in any kind of emergency.
So, get started on BulaWebs and protect all your precious website data so that you may never have to lose it forever. To do this all you need to do is login to your Cpanel account with your username and password. Then, click the backup button, if your sites are database driven then click on My Sql links to download or click on “Download a full backup link”. Fill in your email id and click “Generate Backup”. Isn’t this simple! When the Cpanel has finished with its job, you will receive an email. Refresh this screen and click “Previous full backups saved” in your home directory. After it finishes downloading, backup this file onto a DVD and store it safely.
You can repeat this process whenever there are any major changes made in your site.