Protecting your websites from cyber criminals

What Is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity or IT security, is the protection of information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software, and to the information on them, as well as from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide.

It includes controlling physical access to the hardware, as well as protecting against harm that may come via network access, data and code injection, and due to malpractice by operators, whether intentional, accidental, or due to them being tricked into deviating from secure procedures.

You're thinking: "It can't happen to me..." or "I don't have any important info on my site to be targeted by hackers"


Yeah! We heard that story a lot of times. Ironically, those website owners came to us after some time because their site has been hacked. Hackers are not always after the information on your website. They couldn’t care less what’s your website about. All they want is to gain control over your hosting server, through your website vulnerabilities.

What We Do Website Vulnerability Audit and Compliance


Cyber security is far more than investing in hardware and software. First and foremost, cyber security is a business issue. This means that top management is accountable for ensuring that its organisation’s cyber security strategy meets business objectives and is adopted as a strategic risk . Discussions of cyber risk at board level should include identifying which risks to avoid, accept, mitigate or transfer, as well as reviewing specific plans associated with each approach.

Securing the web applications of today’s businesses is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of securing the enterprise. Web application hacking is on the rise with as many as 75% of cyber attacks done at web application level or via the web. Most corporations have secured their data at the network level, but have overlooked the crucial step of checking whether their web applications are vulnerable to attack. Web applications which often have a direct line into the company’s most valuable data assets are online 24/7, completely unprotected by a firewall and therefore easy prey for attackers.



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1. BulaSafe’s service crawls the website of your choice. Both active and passive security tests are triggered and when a security weakness is identified, a finding is generated.
2. We check for more than 200 types of vulnerabilities, including OWASP top 10
3. Basically we will try as hard as we can to hack you and it’s done fully automated (don’t worry, we won’t break anything)
4. You will receive a report in PDF



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