Web can be defined as an “Uncomplicated explanations of social media and online technology” and BulaWebs is one among them. BulaWebs provide a wide range of web solutions across the world in a very effective, professional, accurate and reliable manner. It provides website designing and development and search engine optimization to various clients in an affordable rate. Though it is established in Fiji, it provides services to the whole world.

The leader in information and technology of Fiji, BulaWebs has now become hundred percent Eco friendly by adopting the power for its functioning from wind energy, which is cheap, non-polluting and non-ending source of energy. Though the initial expenditure for setting up such a facility is high, BulaWebs has moved forward towards it commitment to be Eco friendly. This saves a lot of expenditure as wind energy is cheap and this step of BulaWebs will definitely make others more aggressive to move towards the green energy sources.