Website development is the new avenue that most people have taken to these days owing to their affordability and also convenience in terms of product promotions. It is picking up in Fiji Islands at the moment with the current breakthroughs and boom in the Island’s IT sector. Due to the boom and the dire need for websites by various people and businesses, it is undoubted fact that there is an upsurge of fake website developers and also other mistakes that people should be aware of before getting down to the task. Below are some of the common web development blunders and mistakes that you need to bear in mind:

  1. Domain theft

Domain or as they are referred to by many as domain names is that name which you as a person registers your business on the web. This as per the regulations is supposed to expire after a fixed time and in case the original person in whose name it was registered does not renew it, another person is capable of buying the domain name. This is a practice which a lot of Companies in Fiji Island do and mostly the website developers. They register the domain names on behalf of their clients and later sell them to other clients without the knowledge of their former clients. However it’s always better for the domain name to be renewed only by the website development company which registered it.

  1. Outsourcing

At the moment, Fiji’s IT sector is doing well in terms of providing the best solutions in terms of website development and so it would be cheaper and more convenient to just use their professionals other than looking for other partners or developers outside Fiji. Outsourcing in this aspect will not give room for independence, you should settle on a website developer who is next to you and who will ensure that you are able to manage your website independently without interference. Some will develop for you a website which is shared and this would not reach your target clients appropriately. Outsourcing would be very expensive in terms of time and money.

  1. Backup solutions

One should always be prepared for accidents and this includes instances when your site crashes. It may or may not be seen coming and that’s basically why you always need to beware and keep a back up of every event that you post on the site since it would be used as a replacement in case the site crashes. You need to be careful when choosing the best web hosting services because for your safety, it’s important that you bank on that one with reliable web hosting solutions. This will ensure that you are able to instantly restore your databases, images and all the website contents in time good enough to avoid disappointment to your clients.

  1. Splash page

This is like the introduction to the website. It is the homepage and just by the look of it, one will be able to find what they want. Always try to design the flash page in a simple manner in which one can easily grasp what the site is all about in the first few seconds. This does not mean that the site should be so plane and short of animations, but do not overdo it.