Are You Worth Premium?



People are always torn between choosing free hosting or paid hosting.

Free or Cheap hosting may appear appealing because it won’t cost you a thing. However, there are a number of reasons that should make you give it a second thought.

Free services have limitations that free hosting has in plenty. The first problem associated with free hosting is spamming.

Spamming is a major problem as many spammers use free hosting to run spamming mills. These host are blacklisted by Search engines. This greatly slows or stops your site from getting ranked on Search. Compnaies like Google have sttricked guidelines on smapping. If you website is found to be hosted on the same IP address as a spamming site. Google sees your site as being a spammer as well, hence you will have trouble with ranking.


Security Issues

Free hosting us hacker playground, If you are using free hosting for testing purposes than that is fine. However, if you are using free hosting for your company needs than that is a serious problem. So called administrators hunt for sensitive information that they could sell or use for their own benefit. It is highly recomend that trusted premium servers should be used.


Hosting service providers also flood web pages with adverts and links to other pages since they have access to your website. These advertising serve as a backlink to their own website. Read about Backlinks here.


Slow, Free hsoting servers are flooded with all sorts of websites inclusing illegal Pornograhic websites that again affests your website in terms of trust.


Slows servers,

Free hosting services are known to host 200 times more website than on a premium  host. They use any possible space remaining to minimize cost. This puts load on the server and hencing slowing down your website and emails.



There are no backup or Webcare program available on free hosting.

Paid hosting is free of these problem, plus other limitations of free hosting should compel you to pay for web hosting if at all you want hassle free web hosting experience.


Steven Chand