What would you do, if one day you find that your domain name has been taken up by some other person? What will you do if you have been affected by domain theft?

Domain theft, also known as domain hijacking, is the process in which a domain which is registered to a registrant is transferred without his or her permission. This happens as companies or individuals try to exploit the vulnerability in the system of registration of domain names. Domain names expire after a fixed amount of time on their own and if the original registrant allows them to expire even momentarily, the name can be purchased by another party. In this situation, the original registrant has no remedy and the new registrant will not be considered liable. Domain theft cannot be fought easily as whosoever has registered the name will always win as all this is governed by the ICCAN laws.

A lot of companies in Fiji are practicing domain theft. First, they register domain names on behalf of their clients and later sell the same domain again to another client. This happens because their clients have little or no knowledge about domain names. And, this is not only for small companies, but the big companies are also practicing this malpractice. Sometimes, the client even receives a “domain renewal reminder” at the time of renewal and this is the most apt time to confuse the victim as the victim was expecting a mail like this one. If someone receives such mails it is always better to delete them and get your domain renewed only with the company who has registered your domain.

However, you can feel safe when it comes to BulaWebs as BulaWebs tries to keep all their web terminologies very simple so that all their clients can easily understand it. The way in which BulaWebs works is different from all these companies and it does not register domain names on behalf of their clients but it has partnered with a company overseas called “internet.bs” to have people register to them.

So, try BulaWebs and never be the victim of domain theft ever again!