The world of Business has become more competitive. With the advent of Information Technology long gone are the days when the public had to rely on the classifieds in the newspapers, we at  Bulawebs have not been left behind. Taking the  battle for clients to online world we at Bulawebs will design your website to attract web traffic to your business as follows.

Foremost you need to remember that an individual who goes to a business website is possibly a busy individual,as such our websites come with online forms that quickly get you the subscriptions you need and a form editor that lets you create feedback;complex websites tend to take time to understand and even more  time to get familiar with. Time that your client does not have,. we keep it simple to attract greater web traffic to your business website.

Secondly as part of product promotion Bulawebs constructed websites come with built in features that facilitate e-payments. In this way you are able to create your own e-shop and thus save your client from the hassle of physically getting to your premise. We also put up email marketing tools    that collect email addresses and send out promotional material to targeted consumers.

Thirdly Bulawebs ensure that the  aesthetics of the  particular website appeal to the human mind. Our elegant designs are in their league of their own. Bulawebs aesthetics are professionally designed and their sophistication is intended to appeal to the savvy consumer without offending them

Fourthly, Bulawebs keeps in mind that your website is ranked in search engines with other competing entities. To get ahead of your pack of competitors we make sure that you understand the key words that clients in a particular industry look for. This entails a knowledge of the industry, a knowledge of jargon used in a  particular profession , or the hiring of a professional writing agency to use words artfully. Bulawebs by virtue of being a long term player in the Information Technology world in Fiji, Islands knows how to go about all this to make your website search engine friendly.

Fifthly remember that  in the world of Business time is of the essence, consequently you want to capture the attention of your prospective client pronto. To do this you have to get to the point upfront- no use of excess words but simply get to the point on what you as a business have to offer, nothing more , nothing less. We achieve this by stunning image galleries with a variety of cool animations. Bulawebs also creates an easy editing interface just for you that enables you keep apace with your clients. Bulawebs customized web sites will cost you only$ 1500. We also manage your content and for the first year  you get free website and domain hosting. We are the leading web design company in Fiji with an impressive list of clientel and you wont be disappointed with our service. To get in touch please contact us on