Vodafone has greatly monopolised the internet market in Fiji with its Mobile Broadband services.

Providing up to 1 Mbps internet speed on 3G connection the flashnet device is one of the most affordable high speed connection available. However this savings applies by using post-paid services only. Using prepaid services will hurt your wallets soon.


300MB bandwidth = $15   Speeds up to 1mbps — (( Forget about the 7.2 speed marketing hoax, 7.2mbps is the maximum speed the device can cater, it is not the actual speed))


20GB Bandwidth for $90 FJD per month

If you are a heavy user, you will be best suited with the Post-paid plans from Vodafone.

There are supported Routers on the market to share your internet through wifi easily such as 3G Engenius sold at bondwell for about $150 . Not all vodafone flashnets are supported by the 3G routers.

The Vodafone 3.2 ZTE K3570z is not support by any 3G routers. This means no wifi internet sharing using routers. This leaves us with an option by using Virtual routers.

Connectify is a small utility based on Windows 7 platform to easily configure and share your Internet Connection by using your wireless adapter. You can follow their easy setup guide to start your own Wifi hotspot.

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