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Bulawebs Social media marketing service Fiji simply involves gaining attention or traffic through social media. The programs for social marketing in Fiji by Bulawebs mainly focuses on effort of creating content which attracts people’s attention and encourages those reading it to widely share it using their social networks. This type of online marketing is driven by word of mouth meaning that instead of resulting in paid media, social media marketing leads to earned media. Anyone having internet can easily access social media platform. In addition to increasing communication for organizations hence fostering brand awareness and improved customer service, social media also serves as a cheap platform for many organizations when it comes to implementing their campaigns in terms of marketing.

Bulawebs Social media marketing service Fiji mainly entail the successful use of various social networks such as Facebook as well as Twitter among others to advertise online. These social networks enable the advertisers to know what is liked and disliked by their consumers. This is a very important technique which enables businesses to have target audience. By using social networks, businesses are availed with relevant information to the likes of users hence able to advertise in accordance to the users’ likes. Electronic appraisal and recommendations are convenient way of promoting product through interactions between consumers to consumer. Online hotel review is a good example of this technique. There can be either negative or positive review to the hotel company depending on the service provided.

Apart from the research tools, Bulawebs provide specialized social media marketing tools and platforms. Such tools include; social bookmarking, social network aggregation, blog marketing, automation, validation, social media, social analytics among many others. Bulawebs Social media marketing service minimizes the use of television advertising as well as print media advertising. These are traditional advertising techniques which have already been overtaken by the internet in advertising market.