Increasing your rank in the search engine results can be a very important thing for you. It could mean better traffic to your site, better visibility of your site to others, more income from your site with the increased traffic and more popularity. And there are a lot of options with which you could do that. There is almighty “You Tube” and then there is this amazing tool called “blogging”.

You could easily upload promotional videos and informational videos about your site on You Tube and think about just the right keywords and good tags with the right description and your video could jump hundreds of pages and catch the eyes of people. You can stay active on your profile and interact with the users and also get them to subscribe to your channel, so that way, every time you post a new video you can be sure they will watch it. Another thing you could do is to optimize your videos for Google by getting your market keywords in the descriptions, tags and titles. Most people do not know about this. Doing this could make a lot of difference for you.

Get positive information about you out there. Make use of blogging to counter the negative comments about you. You could probably start your own blog to promote things about your site to your target audience. Blogging is a really simple thing to do and there a lot of sites on the internet that would give you this option. You could also use blogs of other people to help your site increase the rankings. Posting comments on the blogs that are in your niche will allow you to tap into the market of your target audience. In this way you would be able to use the popularity of the blog to get people to come to your own website.