Website Backup Service

Bulawebs is proud of 7 years experience in corporate data backups with client base all over South Pacific.

How we do it. We run a failsafe multi country raid backup system. This backups are very private. You also have the option to automatically receive backups in your could account such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

All bulawebs client are privileged for backup service.


Over recent times we have realized that website owners undergo a tormenting experience when they are infected or attacked. The situation may be worse in the case when the attack is so grave that it ends up causing an irreversible change to your website. This would cause great panic and the unfortunate part about this all is how easy you would have arrived at a solution if the client had backup. Even though not intentionally, backups have become the last resort for most website owners due to the mere fact that they are not aware or it.


Website backup service Fiji Company has a new add-on product that can be installed by all clients. This website backup answer has been formulated in a way that it provides all clients with a piece of mind. Clients can with ease install it this add-on program. This add-on supplies a reliable source that will address and fix any malware problem that you may be going through. In the case of a tragedy, we will be in a position to immediately reinstate your working environment.

Saved in the cloud the platform is agonistic as it will integrate with any of the clients site be it, Drupal, osCommerce, vBulletin, Magento, Joomla or WordPress. This add-on program basically works with your SFTP/ FTP credentials to pull your website content remotely to the clouds. Your data and content will hence be accessible to you anywhere at any time.


Backing is your website is essential and we are the right company for you. You will be able to

1. Have peace of mind as you won’t be operating under fear of losing the latest version of your site.

2. Backing up your website content is another way of protecting it against malware as it can be recovered in case of an attack

3. Up to date backup will ensure that you are up and working as quick as possible in case of mishap