I am sure many of us don’t even know what SEO is? It stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and the person who does this is called ‘Search Engine Optimizer’. The job of an SEO is to improve the visibility of the site when a user searches for it on any search engine. An SEO has to carefully study the working of the search engines, what people usually search on and what are the important keywords they will type while they search. Then he will decide how to increase the traffic on the site he is working for.

To hire a SEO is a big decision as it can make or break your site’s reputation. If you are planning to hire one then the best time would be as early as possible, when you’re considering a site redesign or maybe planning to launch a new site. The other alternative to get more traffic to sites is online advertising where the hosting service is paid by the advertising company when their ad gets clicked. Advertisers usually bid for good keywords which are relevant to their targeted audience but with content sites there is only a fixed charge per click rather than having a bidding system. SEO’s tend to be more creative and long term planners whereas people who’ll go for PPC (pay per click) tend to more analytical and they are risk takers. The SEO’s will employ a more holistic approach to making your site more popular among the rankings, they will think about the future and where will the site be; while through PPC it would be more of a risk taking as it may or may not put you up in the rakings.

Hence, hiring an SEO is a better choice!