When we make our websites, we hope that they will be the best and will be liked by all and will attract a lot of traffic. However, that does not happen all the times. Sometimes we fail to see what the visitors will like and end up making sites that nobody would like to visit. These are the things that can easily be avoided.

First of all, when you are making a site do not believe that people care about your site because they really don’t. What they care about is to solve whatever problem they have in their hands right at that moment. So, while designing the site keep in mind that the problem with which the user will come to your site is the most important thing. If the person visiting your site cannot figure out by looking at the homepage what the site is all about in less than four seconds then the site is a failure and he will try another site. One more thing is that the contrast of the text you use should be just about right. If the visitor can’t read the text, then he will leave the site immediately. He wouldn’t stop and spend time to decipher what is written.

Splash page is typically an introductory page to the site and it generally includes a graphic logo or an animation flash movie. However, flash pages can be annoying to some people as when they come to your site; the flash pages prevent them to enter it. In addition to this they also break the search engines as the search engine will not have a lot of content to work upon. Flash animations may also give a sense of pretentiousness rather than an impression of detailing and skills. They may also make the person confused about what the site is all about.