It all about Relationships
Link Building is the act of reaching out to other similar websites that will increase traffic to your website. Link building can be defined as digital networking where your ‘cyber connections’ help your website achieves higher rankings by being connected to a number of other sources. These sources are the references that Google algorithms will take into account while deciding the trustfulness of the website and consequently its rank on SERPs.
A link can be read by the search engine algorithms as a ‘thumbs up’ from one website to another. It is acknowledging that it has valuable information that can be shared.

Link Building is probably the most important tool in SEO if you are looking to increase traction to your website and boost online sales. Search engines will analyze your website’s popularity based on the freshness of the links, on topic relevancy in relation to other websites and link neighborhood (links of a website that connect to other trusted sources will be considered as a trusted source itself).

Link Building can be quite tedious. It requires reaching out to different website owners and convincing them to link to one specific website. As an example, Wikipedia is highly linked because it offers a variety of information. Links connect to it and Wikipedia connects to other sources. This is natural and requires the least effort. However, quite often, reaching out to the owners of websites and convincing them to link to a specific website requites time and effort. Bulawebs undertakes this time-consuming task so that its clients leave satisfied. Our clients’ satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us.
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